A special "THANK YOU!" to all the hams/hacks who have provided inspiration, encouragement, instruction, direction, or assistance in helping me to complete get started on this project.

  • Klaus Knopper, creator of KNOPPIX
  • Kyle Rankin, author of "Knoppix Hacks"
  • Hubert Fink, DG7MGY, for AFU Knoppix
  • Skip Teller, KH6TY, for some bread crumbs to follow
  • Tomi Manninen, OH2BNS, for gMFSK
  • Luc Langenhergermann, LX2GT,for KPSK
  • Joop Stakenberg, PG4I, for XLog and XDx
  • Pawel Jalocha, SP9VRC, for Olivia
  • Volker Schroer, DL1KSV, for LinPSK
  • Tom Sailer, HB9JNX/AE4WA for HFTerm (and many more)
  • Gunther Montag, DL4MGE, for undertaking the maintenance of HFTerm
  • J S Naylor, G4KLX, for LinWSJT (FSK441 and JT44) and MTrack
  • Maes Johan, ON4QZ for QSSTV and QGRID
  • PT De Boer, PA3FWM, for IBP
  • Tobias Blomberg, SM0SVX, for qTel-EchoLinux
  • Curt Mills. WE7U, for Xastir - APRS
  • All those hams who put their machines at risk in testing my musings and speculations.