There should be hundreds ... thousands ... of CD's like this one available in the Amateur Radio community. Each and every interest group ... homebrewers to DX'ers, Antenna modelers to EmComm ... should have there own collections of software and systems. We are quickly approaching the era when the greater part of our radios will be built at the keyboard. Solder splatters on the floor and the smell of burning rosin in the air are quickly fading into memories.

LINUX is soooo Ham! You can take it apart, rebuild it, add to it, or subtract from it. You can engineer, re-engineer, or reverse-engineer the entire system. No one will say stop, but many will lend a hand to your effort. The guys we used to call "Elmer's" are now known as "gurus". They are equally knowledgeable, resourceful, and obliging. The big problem for many older hams is that these "gurus" may be only 12 years old! LINUX provides an exceptionally wide range of tools to help you complete your project. At its very roots, Linux is a sharing, co-operative, community effort ... the very basis of things "Ham".

The future of our hobby, regardless the course and meanders it eventually follows, will be bound to our computers. Your next "transceiver" may very likely be a PCI plugin card. If we greet the need to learn how to manipulate new tools as an imposition, rather than a creative opportunity, then we deserve to loose our bands to BPL ... or whatever the next outrageous corporate exploitation proposes.


If you asked, "How'd he do that?" Here is your answer. It's pretty much a "cookbook" process. Here is where to find the book and the ingredients.

The Books

Knoppix Hacks
100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools
by Kyle Rankin
ISBN 0-596-00787-6
This one is the "Cookbook"

Linux in a Nutshell
A Desktop Quick Reference
by Ellen Siever
ISBN 1-56592-585-8

Linux Cookbook
by Carla Schroder
ISBN 0-596-00640-3

All three of the above volumes are published by O'Reilly Media, Inc.

On the Net

KNOPPIX The ditribution on which this CD is based. Download it here

Knoppix The "Wiki" Pages, for documentation, FAQs and HELP

Morphix An alternative approach to CD building

Debian The "Papa" of Knoppix

GOOGLE Google is your friend! Learn how to use it.