Installing the Hack on Your Hard Drive

Although facilities for this operation are available on the CD, I have never attempted to do it. Aside from this fact, there are still some good reasons NOT to install "the Hack" on your hard drive.

"The Hack" is meant to be just an introduction to Linux (a "Demo disk"). And, its an introduction for just a very specific and comparitively small group of people. It is a very stripped down version of the Knoppix original. Experienced Linux users will view "the Hack" as a very limited and limiting imitation of the real thing. Better to download the original version of KNOPPIX and install that. Then, you can install your own selections of software and set them up according to your specific situation. The choices I have made probably don't meet your exact needs anyway. Why live with me on your hard drive?

There are many other flavors of Linux to investigate as well. Other downloadable single CD distros are "Ubuntu" and "Mepis". These small "Fun" distros welcome new users and offer lots of support.

There is a lot to know and learn when you're running Linux. But, believe it or not ... its less than you have to know in order to run "the other OS".

If you're going to install Linux, find a nearby "LUG" (Linux Users Group) to join. There will be one at any college or university that has a "Computer Science" department. You can do a Google specific to your intrests.

The knx-installer is still available on this CD. If you still insist on installing "the Hack" please do a Google for more specific and up-to-date instructions applicable to your hardware and situation.